Monday, October 11, 2010

Hearts and Minds

The film "Hearts and Minds" showed us the "truth" about the Vietnam War. The name of the film representing the opinion by different people. Some people's voice came from their hearts, and others came from their minds which means what you are saying were considering. In fact, I didn't have any knowledge about the Vietnam War since I never pay attention in history class before. I learned a lot in this film, and I was so mad about this country, America. They supposed to let every soldiers know what were they fighting about, accordingly, those soldiers didn't even have a clear idea about the Vietnam War. I really can't understand how could the American government did such unbelievable thing. They were just sending soldiers there, and kill innocent people. Those innocent people were elders, children, people with no wiptom on their hands. What made people felt so proud about the Vietnam War? I really can't understand this. 

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  1. Hi Ka - I think that the filmmakers would be the first to say that they don't think the film has the one truth of the war - that's why they include so many voices. The idea of how soldiers learn about the wars they will fight is interesting - we'll see in "On the Rainy River" a bit about how one soldier understood his education before making the decision to go - how does what one learns - or doesn't - in school or in the military relate to how we make these decisions.