Friday, October 29, 2010

Today, I have found a really interesting article The Terrible Chinese which posted on New York Times in March, 12, 1882. Basically, it described Americans' point of view about how Chinese immigrants affect their "jobs". "They are the best imitators in the world" is what New York Times descibe all Chinese workers in 1882. We can see that Americans have racism on Chinese immigrants deeply, especially Chinese. They were the first Asian immigrant in American history and were hired by low-wage. Although this is not fair to all of the Chinese immigrants, it can't change anything since no one were stand on their side. Also, I have found an other useful article The Sino-American Alliance During World War II and the Lifting of the Chinese Exclusion Acts which indicated that how Chinese immigrants band into America's society to earn money after WWII.

Friday, October 22, 2010


I have learned a lot about the Chinese Exclusion from 1882-1906, and it really attracts my attention because it has many details which we can clearly see the relationship between the United States and China. In 1882, our president decided to establish the Chinese Exclusion for 20 years originally, but he afraid it would affected the relationship between  these big countries economically. This is the main reason he changed it from 20 years to 10 years. The U.S. government tried to isolate Chinese immigrant because they believe Chinese couldn't band into the society since they have different cultural background. Therefore, they even declared the citizenship either ABC (American borned Chinese), and mixed Chinese. Within 24 years, the law had been changed again and again, and the situation had improved after 1906.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Research Paper

In fact, I felt so confused about which specific topic should I picked for my research paper. Then, my professor had given me some advice to help me think about which direction that I can go search for. Finally, I have decided to choose Chinese Exclusion as my topic because I want to know more information about Chinese Americans' history in early 19 century. Especially, I am a Chinese immigrant so it will be fun for searching more history about our ancestor. I have notice that Chinese immigrantion in U.S. history had 3 waves, but I would like to focus on the first wave. Also, this situation had changed after the WWII happened. U.S government started to changed Chinese immigrantion law little by little after the WWII.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Hearts and Minds

The film "Hearts and Minds" showed us the "truth" about the Vietnam War. The name of the film representing the opinion by different people. Some people's voice came from their hearts, and others came from their minds which means what you are saying were considering. In fact, I didn't have any knowledge about the Vietnam War since I never pay attention in history class before. I learned a lot in this film, and I was so mad about this country, America. They supposed to let every soldiers know what were they fighting about, accordingly, those soldiers didn't even have a clear idea about the Vietnam War. I really can't understand how could the American government did such unbelievable thing. They were just sending soldiers there, and kill innocent people. Those innocent people were elders, children, people with no wiptom on their hands. What made people felt so proud about the Vietnam War? I really can't understand this.