Thursday, September 30, 2010


I am going to choose China as my topic for research paper. In fact, I didn't know much historical information about China, so this is why this research paper can bring me more knowledge and I will be more understanding about its development. I believe China has a good relationship with United States. Both countries are strong in the world, so it is common if they have some business dealing with each others. I knew the United States government didn't allow any Chinese immigrants came in 1980s because the government thought Chinese were too different as Americans. According to the Wikipedia, I have noticed that "most immigrants were illiterate, poorly educated peasants and manual labourers, historically called coolies." They went to Americas, Australia, South Africa, Southeast Asia, Malaya, and other places. I think Wikipedia can bring me some beift summary about the history of China. Before China became Republic of China, two main leaders created a civil war which affected most of the Chinese. Also, the World War II stole a lot of Chinese culture and stuff back to its country, and this is why most of the Chinese dislike Japanese. The Wikipedai also help me understand how did the civil war happened, and how did it end. In addition, I also find out that we have 23 U.N. member states currently maintain official diplomatic relations with China, but it didn't show which 23 member states and I would like to find it out. The sport, recreation, science, religion, and technology information wouldn't be useful for my research paper. For some reason, the Wikipedia didn't tell us about how did China build up it’s economic, and who is the epitome hero in all Chinese' mind. I'll going to find it out by some articles.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


     In the novel “Lucy” which written by Jamaica Kincaid clearly described an immigrant’s first impression when she just moved to the United States. Lucy’s voice not only represented herself, it also helped the majority of new immigrants to express their feelings. If you didn’t have a chance to visit here, then you wouldn’t have any ideas about the life in the U.S. In fact, I thought New York City is an euphoria which becomes many people’s dream of the world. The reason why I had this feeling is because most of the TV shows tell us that NYC is a wonderful, prosperous city. I realized the truth after I had my first travel experience with my family to this famous city, New York City.
     According to the passage, we could see that Lucy felt disappointed, frustrated about her “new” life. As my point of view, most TV shows only reflect positive sides instead or negative sides, and this is why Lucy had such bad feeling since everything was totally opposite to what she expected. We can’t judge if the TV was doing a right thing or not, but it really attacks a lots of people come visiting, and working. Yet, the number of people who come to travel, or work keeps increasing year by year. You can’t believe how powerful of these TV shows. I can surely say that the number of the people who is planning to leave this country is increasing also because of the economic recession.
     Compare to Lucy’s hometown, America is like a wrong shell for snail that Lucy didn’t feel comfortable, familiar to this new environment. She didn’t  like this place from her deepest heart, but she had to adapt into this place. Lucy would miss, imagine her native county during the dark night, and she loves her country from her deepest heart. Although Lucy wasn’t come from any luxury county, the happiness Lucy had couldn’t be replaced forever. We couldsee her soul was really loyal to her native country. Sometimes, some small countries brings people simple, easy, and happy lives because this is their life styles. Lucy thought she could have a better life after she came the the U.S. but it wasn’t true. Maybe she could earn more money here, but she feels lonely, sad about her “new” lives.
      When a person came to a strange country to begin their new life is really hard. They would easily get emotional problems. In Lucy’s case, she had conflict with a woman named Mariah. At the beginning, Lucy thought Mariah could become her real and only friend in this strange country, but it iwas out of her expectation again. After few days, Lucy changed her minds because she felt Mariah was a devil and never watched our her mouth. In this point, we can see the power of friendship. Moreover, there are different reasons effect people’s personality in the U.S. It is true that we can’t find a “real” friend in this country easily. I strongly believe that living in a luxury country will make people turning into crazy. They need to worry about their lives, or future especially to those menial labor workers such as, Lucy. Basically, these people don’t have a normal life as others because they have to work hard everyday, and they don’t have their social lives. All the pressure they have is hard to imagine. No one would like to be their good audience. They don’t have a healthy way to relieve stress; therefore, people will easily become mean, and unfriendly. If the number of people turning into this way, then it is hard to help each others out. Our society should really concern about this issue, and do something to help new immigrant out.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


         The novel "Lucy" which written by Jamaica Kincaid made me feel thoughtful about my own experience. When Lucy just came to the America, all she felt is the sadness and loneliness. It's becuase everything looked different as she thought. Many places were ordinary, dirty, and worn. Lucy didn't have any excitement about the place where she lived since everything was opposite from her imagination already. Furthermore, she was suffering in homesickness that she wanted to go back to where she came badly, but she knew she couldn't do it. At that time, she believed that she had no future if she was coutinuing stay in this country. Lucy lived in a maid room, and she worked for the family. She couldn't complain about the bad condition of her living enviornment since she was definient in money, and this was the main reason why she came to the United States. Sometimes, she had to write a letter for describing her situcation to her family.
Although she felt sad, lonely, and depress, Lucy never wrote anything bad to reflect her real minds.
           In fact, my own experience is totally same as Lucy's. I felt so surprised when I just stepped out of the JFK airport. All the buildings I saw around that area was worn. At the begining, I couldn't adapt into my school life, and I refused to make friends with others. Compare to the others, I am sure many new immigrants have the same problems, and they need to take times to cover it. After 2 years, I started to fall in love with New York City. I feel happy that I can live here. I understand that the education is so important to all of us, this is the only way we can become success which can bring us a better life in this wonderful city. In my hometown, Hong Kong, many students can't even get into the college because we just have few schools are available for students. That is why we can see many people in my hometown are doing menial labor jobs. If you want to rethink about my future, I will choose to stay in NYC at least I can have a "white" or "whiter" future.