Thursday, November 4, 2010

power analysis (Draft)

As we know, the Chinese Exlucsion Act affected most Chinese immigrants' lives in 1882. We can see the U.S culture had seriously racism on Asian people. Compared to current century, racists were not allowed to say or do something make the conflicts between different cultures since it is illegal. In 1882

In February 1881, a United States Congress John F. Miller had argued that Chinese immigrants were " machine-like", and introduced a bill to bar Chinese immigration for twenty years. Our president Chester Arthur vetoed the policy from twenty years to ten years because Arthur feared that the Qing government would shut Chinese ports to American trade.


  1. nice debut. I hope that you will develop more and wider the various economic, politic and social aspects and relationships between the US and China in your upcoming power analisys.

  2. 1. Makes sense.- check. ...but why did Miller viewed that Chinese immigrants were "machine-like"?
    2. Argument. - nope.
    3. John F. Miller citation fits in the paragraph.
    4. Source cited correctly.- check.
    5. More details for 2nd paragraph.


  3. Good start - think about what the different groups will be for your power analysis.